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Mishaps and accidents during the execution of demolition tasks often lead to catastrophic consequences.

Large scale demolition tasks should be performed by competent and well experienced demolition service providers that operate in accordance to international best practices to achieve the highest practical levels of Health, Safety, Environmental Control and Quality. The suitable supplier should have the capacity, technology and knowhow to execute even the most complex demolition tasks.

The use of mechanized demolition techniques and materials handling equipment results in the following direct benefits to users:

  • Increased efficiency and cost effectiveness: due to automation.

  • Improved safety: The highly mechanized demolition techniques used reduce direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions thereby dramatically improving the safety profile of projects in comparison to the conventional labor-intensive methods otherwise used.

  • Broad applications: allows for the demolition at different scales from confined spaces, as small as 1m3 (the Brokk 5.0 less than 500kg in weight) much larger scales (the Brokk 800 is over 11ton in weight equipped with a 3600 rotating arm with a 10m reach).

  • Reduced man hours: much less compared to the labor intensive conventional methods of executing such tasks.


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