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DGC AFRICA is seeking a seasoned Copper Smelter Maintenance Manager to lead our maintenance operations in the copper smelting division.
This role is essential for maintaining high operational standards and spearheading continuous improvements in our smelting processes. Your expertise in metallurgy will be key to enhancing operational efficiency and the longevity of our smelting equipment. We're looking for a candidate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Metallurgy and over 10 years of experience in copper smelting maintenance. Strong leadership and communication skills are crucial, along with proficiency in Microsoft Office and technical documentation.
Join our team and play a significant role in shaping the future of our copper smelting operations, where we value technical skill and strategic management.


DGC AFRICA is searching for an experienced Senior Maintenance Technician to ensure the peak operational performance of our facilities and equipment.

In this vital role, you'll be responsible for strategic maintenance planning, troubleshooting complex equipment issues, and leading preventive maintenance initiatives. Your skills in team leadership, budget management, and vendor collaboration will be crucial in maintaining our high standards of efficiency and safety. Ideal candidates will have a Red Seal trade test or equivalent, proficiency in English, and experience in industrial maintenance, preferably in mining and processing environments.

Join us to make a meaningful impact in a dynamic work environment, where we offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and professional growth opportunities.


DGC AFRICA is seeking a Head of Client Maintenance Services for our Cement Division, a role that is central to leading and innovating our outsourced maintenance services.

In this strategic position, you will ensure high-quality service delivery that aligns with our clients' operational goals in the cement industry. Your responsibilities will include building and managing client relationships, developing tailored maintenance plans, leading a team of maintenance professionals, and collaborating with supply chain teams. The ideal candidate should have a relevant technical degree, experience in the cement industry and a proven track record in managing outsourced maintenance services. This role requires strong leadership, excellent communication skills, and a strategic focus on safety and quality.

Join us to play a crucial role in driving excellence in maintenance operations and making a significant impact on the efficiency and success of our clients in the cement industry.


DGC AFRICA is seeking a qualified Mechanical Engineer or Metallurgist of Chinese origin. The ideal candidate must be fully bilingual in English and Mandarin and be willing to be based at our operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
This role entails collaborating with international teams to ensure project success. Facilitating communication between English and Mandarin-speaking stakeholders. The candidate will play a key role in strengthening ties with Chinese companies, fostering new partnerships, and facilitating the exchange of technology and expertise between China and Africa. Their role will identify and secure new business opportunities, promote collaboration on joint ventures, and enhance the overall presence of Chinese enterprises within the African market.

Join us and be a part of our innovative and dynamic team!

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