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At Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC), the safety and well-being of our employees are our top priority and a fundamental principle of our business. We believe that safety is the foundation of all our operations and decisions across the globe. To achieve the highest standards of safety, health, environmental protection, and quality control, we follow globally recognized best practices. Our commitment to safety is evident in our daily collaboration with employees, customers, and contractors at all our facilities, operational sites, and offices. We maintain strict safety protocols to ensure ZERO HARM to all employees.




At DGC, we acknowledge the inherent safety risks associated with our asset integrity management and industrial solutions for the mining & metallurgical, glass, mineral processing, and manufacturing industries. Consequently, we have instituted numerous initiatives at every level of our organization to continuously enhance safety by identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks.

We are dedicated to fostering a safety culture embraced by all employees, making it an integral part of our corporate ethos. Our approach encourages employees to adopt a mindset that performing work activities without injury is achievable, regardless of their role within the organization.

We promote a safety culture that encourages active participation in health and safety discussions, where everyone's opinions are valued. Through this collective commitment, we strive to cultivate a genuine safety culture permeating our entire company.

Trevor Dickinson

Chairman, Dickinson Group of Companies

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