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The unascertainable integrity of refractory linings at the end of their service life calls for genuine safety concerns during furnace demolition works.

As such, only competent demolition personnel should perform demolition tasks using proven methodologies and adopting the best techniques at all times.

Present day furnace demolition techniques employ modern, advanced and purpose-designed mechanical remote controlled demolition equipment to perform demolition tasks. These techniques significantly reduce the amount of direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions thereby drastically improving the safety profile of the furnace demolition works in comparison to older manual techniques. The techniques also substantially reduce the man hours required to perform demolition tasks; reducing shutdown durations and rendering the techniques more cost effective.

Some of the popular furnace demolition techniques include the following:

  • Remote controlled demolition equipment

  • High powered crawler excavators & hydraulic breakers

  • Mechanical dismantling & rigging

  • Thermal oxygen lancing

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling

  • Controlled hot blasting


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