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Furnaces constantly operate under extremely harsh conditions characterised by intense levels of heat, chemical attack and mechanical stress.

For these vessels to operate at acceptable levels of efficiency and to prolong their service life, proper maintenance has to be done. Periodically requiring scheduled maintenance shutdowns for rebuilding the furnace. Often the shutdown may involve mechanical fabrication works, mechanical erection works, civil works, refractory works, scaffolding and electrical works amongst others. Thereby involving a number of highly complex and sophisticated services that have to be executed by various specialists in the different fields.

Within the context of conventional approaches, different subcontractors are engaged for the tasks. However, a large number of interfaces would be created between the different subcontractor tasks; giving rise to possible unforeseen delays that could drastically affect other teams and possibly compromise the often highly constrained project delivery schedules.

Turnkey furnace rebuild projects are specially tailored to remedy such challenges, with well-coordinated and efficiently communicating teams which work together on different sites throughout the year. The approach has been refined over the years and sees several furnaces timeously delivered to the clients ready for operations. Dickinson Group of Companies offers Turnkey Furnace Rebuild Project Services for major furnace outages which cover the entire scope of work including but not limited to:

  • Project and construction management services

  • Furnace decommissioning

  • Salamander tapping

  • Furnace demolition

  • Refractory installation

  • Civil, electrical, mechanical fabrication & erection works

  • Furnace commissioning


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