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A division of Vereeniging-based furnace and industrial services provider Dickinson Group of Companies, Dickinson Copperbelt Services (DCS), has successfully established new contracts with two separate copper smelting plants in the Kolwezi district, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“The new contracts will result in DCS’ new service offerings being used, such as acid plant sludge spillage recovery, acid plant refractory repairs and corrosion control that includes acid linings,” says Dickinson Group international operations director Dean du Plessis.

He says the offerings will help to reduce the risk of ground pollution throughout the processing plants.

The client will be able to recover the spillages and reintroduce the substances back into the system, thereby reducing input costs, which, in turn, reduces the manufacturing cost of the copper.

The company’s range of industrial services aim to improve efficiencies and the availability of equipment for industrial operators.

Under its umbrella of industrial services, it offers industrial vacuum services, silo cleaning services, catalyst handling services, high and ultra-high-pressure water blasting, as well as industrial linings and coatings.

DCS uses industrial heavy-duty vacuum systems to suction, transport and discharge various materials in industrial and mining applications.

Du Plessis adds that the company offers “safe, effective, fast and reliable solutions” for cleaning up industrial waste or recovering partially processed material spillages in the mining, smelting, processing and refining industries. ​

These services, ultimately, enhance plant throughputs and produce several of the benefits associated with a cleaner production line.

“We have introduced quality vacuum units into Africa, which are said to be about 50% more productive than normal vacuum units and also substantially more reliable. The vacuum units also span wet and dry applications.”

Further, DCS can cover the entire scope of work required for furnace maintenance, from minor day-to-day repairs to major overhauls.

DCS’ scope includes furnace rebuild projects – including the management of shutdowns – furnace demolitions, refractory installations and furnace hot work services, as well as refractory and other shutdown equipment supplies.

Meanwhile, Du Plessis says the company’s largest challenge is, and always will be, the safety and security of staff and equipment.

All contracts drawn up with clients ensure that safe accommodation will be provided for DCS staff and that secure storage facilities will be procured for its equipment.

“Obtaining spare parts is also somewhat of a challenge, but DCS has taken to keeping its own critical spares available at all times,” he concludes.


Published in the Mining Weekly Features. 03 September 2021

Reporter: Halima Frost

Edited by: Nadine James - Features Deputy Editor

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