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Industrial vacuumation has been widely used and accepted across different mining and manufacturing industries worldwide. Employing such services presents users with a wide range of benefits, this article will highlight some of the benefits of industrial vacuumation.

  • Higher Productivity: Recovery of raw materials, concentrates, semi-finished products and finished products.

  • Increased Maintainability: Better and quicker access to broken down parts of the machinery decreases downtime.

  • Enhanced Condition Monitoring: Condition monitoring is enhanced if all parts of the machinery are visible (not hidden by dirt).

  • Increased Safety: Timeous removal of spillages (Wet / Dry) eliminate slip and fall hazards, once clutter is removed, hidden electrical, chemical or mechanical hazards are revealed.

  • Waste Removal: Safe, effective and efficient removal and disposal of dry and wet wastes.

  • Greater commitment by workforce: A dirty and disorganized workplace can have a negative physical and psychological impact on employees. Low morale of the workforce may often result leaving theme more prone to getting in accidents or making mistakes.

  • Cleanliness Can Reflect Quality: This would be well appreciated by stakeholders brought on site.

  • Manpower Requirements: Extremely low/reduced manpower requirements for plant cleanups and recoveries.

  • Equipment Reliability and Availability: Improved equipment reliability and availability on account of improved housekeeping and reduced equipment breakdown and damage.

  • Uninterrupted Production: Ensures on-going production during cleaning operations.



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