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Working with DGC extends access into a wealth of resources. The story began in in 1928, when DGC was involved in our first refractory installation project; during the construction of one of South Africa’s first Blast Furnaces (then Iscor Pretoria). Since then, the company has seen tremendous levels of expansion and growth of its Refractory Installation Services Division in various aspects as described in this article.

Extensive Experience with Different Furnaces

DGC has gained a vast amount of experience in different industries having successfully completed numerous projects on different types of furnaces including flash furnaces, six-in-line furnaces, electric furnaces, isamelt furnaces, blast furnaces, rotary kilns, cement plants and glass furnaces.

Expertise for Various Refractory Installation Technics

The company offers the complete range of refractory installation techniques including rigging of refractory blocks, specialised refractory bricklaying, vibrocasting, shotcreting, high density and pneumatic gunning, ramming installations, grouting installations and dense pneumatically applied castable.

Robust Procedures

Over the years the company’s procedures and work instructions have continuously evolved to ensure that installations are done to the highest quality standards and heat-up phases and dry-out periods correctly scheduled. Thus contributing towards prolonging the life of the refractory linings.

DGC employs advanced project management techniques, qualified and industry experienced teams of refractory supervisors, bricklayers, gunning crews, and carpenters. The teams have specialized knowledge in various facets of refractories. The company also has the capacity to execute a number of simultaneous projects of different magnitudes; ranging from basic repairs on existing facilities through to greenfield projects.

International Experience

DGC has carried out refractory installations on numerous initial construction and furnace rebuild projects in a number of countries throughout sub-Saharan including; South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Gabon, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal and Internationally including: Israel, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Iceland, Turkey and Russia.

Complementary Offerings

The Refractory Installation Services may be offered in combination with other services within the group, often with Furnace Demolition Services and Furnace Mechanicals; offering clients the benefit of Turnkey Solutions with highly effective interactive synergies and the benefits of having a single contractor responsible for project execution.


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