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Furnaces constantly operate under extremely harsh conditions; in order to ensure their efficiencies remain at acceptable levels and to prolong their service life proper maintenance has to be done.

Calling upon highly complex and sophisticated services that often involve various specialists in different fields at each stages. These may include mechanical fabrication works, mechanical erection works, civil works, refractory works, scaffolding as well as electrical works. Project battery limits for each of the parties involved need to be well defined and understood. Communication throughout the duration of the project has to be very effective. 

However given the number of interfaces, unforeseen delays could adversely affect other teams and possibly compromise the often highly constrained project delivery schedules. Such scenarios are every manufacturer’s nightmare as they often lead to increases in project costs and production losses linked to longer downtimes. Even worse, with all the different parties involved, accountability issues may arise in the event of project failure.

Turnkey furnace rebuild projects stand out as a solution; this is an approach that has been refined over the years and has seen many furnaces delivered to the client ready for operations. Within this project approach the client, who is normally a manufacturer defines all their needs, clearly presents his problem and the lists the expected project outcomes.

The contractor with his specialized teams, assumes responsibility for design, engineering services, procurement, construction, commissioning, and a trial operation. The project is largely contractor-managed and the cost risk and control are weighted towards the contractor and away from the owner. Because in the framework of this approach the contractor assumes greater responsibility, the importance of awarding such contracts to a firm with the right qualifications, experience and management skills can never be over emphasized.

Dickinson Group offers Turnkey Furnace Rebuild Project Services for major furnace outages which cover the entire scope of work including but not limited to; project and construction management services, furnace decommissioning, salamander tapping, furnace demolition and refractory installation, civil, electrical, mechanical fabrication & erection works and furnace commissioning.

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