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The unknown and incalculable state of refractory linings at the end of their service life and throughout the duration of furnace demolition works is a source of several hazards, leading to genuine safety concerns within the field. Only competent demolition personnel should be allowed to perform demolition tasks, using proven methodologies and adopting the best techniques at all times.

DGC’s Furnace Demolition business was established in 1995 with a major goal of facilitating furnace demolition tasks in the safest and most efficient manner possible for furnace owners. To that effect, the company employs modern, advanced and purpose-designed mechanical remote controlled demolition equipment for demolition tasks. Thus reducing the direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions; dramatically improving the safety profile of projects in comparison to conventional labour-intensive methods that where otherwise used.


  • Remote controlled demolition equipment

  • High powered crawler excavators & hydraulic breakers

  • Mechanical dismantling & rigging

  • Thermal oxygen lancing

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling

  • Controlled hot blasting

  • Wire Cutting on Electrodes


The use of mechanised demolition techniques and materials handling equipment results in the following direct benefits to users:

  • Increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Improved safety.

  • Broad applications: allows for the demolition at different scales from confined spaces, as small as 1m3 (the Brokk 5.0 less than 500kg in weight) much larger scales (the Brokk 800 is over 11ton in weight equipped with a 3600 rotating arm with a 10m reach).

  • Reduced manpower requirements when compared to the conventional, labour intensive methods of executing such tasks.


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