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Refractory materials are essentially heat-resistant materials, such as refractory bricks, castables, ramming or gunning materials, which are designed to maintain their strength in high-temperatures. These materials are often used in highly technical industries as the building blocks for large production facilities, such as smelters and incinerators.

Refractory management refers to the management of these production facilities and the processes governing them. Whilst many of these refractory facilities are designed to withstand intense heat, many specialised industries require resistance to other extreme conditions such as acidity, alkalinity, corrosion, abrasion and erosion. 

The scope of refractory management also includes refractory stock management, offsite refractory material handling, onsite refractory material handling, strategic warehousing, supply & support of refractory management software as well as refractory technical support. In line with the broad scope, we believe that effective refractory management is a partnership between several key players from refractory material manufacturers through to the installation teams, production personnel and condition monitoring teams for the long-term.

Our team of experts is always available to manage the process with you – from the pre-planning to the ongoing refractory installation and demolition works throughout the service life of a furnace. 

Critical areas to be covered in effective Refractory management:

  • Resourcing with skilled refractory technicians and engineers to ensure you the highest quality outcomes

  • Project and construction management

  • Pre-shutdown inspection and scope identification

  • Refractory Materials Management including selection, procurement, testing and stock management

  • Installation of refractory materials

  • Specialized refractory bricklaying

  • Vibrocasting and installation of castables

  • Shotcreting, high density and pneumatic gunning

  • Ramming installations

  • Installation of precast refractory shapes

  • Dense pneumatically applied castable

  • Specialized formwork manufacturing -Steel / Wood / Polystyrene / Polyurethane

  • Drying and curing of refractory linings

  • Development of commission criteria – ensuring the life of your facilities through scheduled heat-up phases and dry-out periods too

  • Condition monitoring to ensure you have a holistic overview of the production facilities and their efficiency

  • Industrial demolition


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