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Major industrial processes are the engine by which world economies are driven, they sustain livelihoods and have in the past resulted in the establishment of fully fledged towns.

More often than not however, major industrial processes are often characterised by extremely high overhead costs; stoppages of any duration usually have unforeseen detrimental implications. The competiveness and survival of players in industry is heavily dependent on the state of manufacturing equipment’s modernity, efficiency, effectiveness and reliability amongst many other issues. The total maintenance cost is considered as the sum of costs related to material, labour and loss of production while the unit is out of service for repairs.

With the aforementioned background in mind, Dickinson Group of Companies declared war against downtime and has for decades partnered with numerous manufacturers in different industrial sectors to diminish this malignant monster. The fight was declared in three dimensions; maintenance frequency, duration, incidents and costs. To that effect through years of continuous improvement we have adopted proven methodologies and adapted them to different sectors. Below are some of the initiatives we have implemented and continue to offer:

  • Mechanised Refractory Demolition Works

  • Precast Refractories

  • Refractory Bricking Rigs

  • Suspended Platforms

  • Hot Refractory Repairs

  • Industrial Vacuumation Services

  • Metallurgical Advisory Services

  • Pre-Shutdown Audit Services

  • Silo Cleaning Technologies


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