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Dickinson Hotwork Services (Pty) Ltd provides a complete range of Furnace Hotwork Services to industrial furnace operators within the metals smelting, mineral processing, chemical, refining and thermal power industries. 

These Hotwork services are aimed at extending the life of industrial furnaces’ refractory linings; they will be described in more detail below.

Furnace Heat Up and Furnace Refractory Dry-Outs


Residual moisture in refractories during furnace dry-out operations may be converted into steam too quickly, resulting in explosions, which may adversely impact the efficiency and life of the refractory linings. This is because most conventional process heat sources are not suitable for carrying out the initial dry-out as they do not afford close temperature control in lower temperature ranges.

Our Refractory Dry-Out services involve controlled heating and ventilation of a furnace to efficiently remove moisture in refractory mortars and monolithic materials. This not only saves time and money from fuel consumption; it also protects the initial investment in the expensive refractory and enhances the furnace’s refractory life.

Furnace Heat Up and Furnace Refractory Dry-Outs


Our company’s specialized heat-up technology and equipment are suitable for the heat-up of all types and sizes of furnaces. The systems make use of High-Velocity Burners operating on excess air, producing a positive furnace pressure that assures uniform temperatures throughout the designated areas of the furnace. The systems ensure precise temperature control and can be regulated at all stages between 60°C and 1200°C; simultaneously eliminating hot spots and stagnant areas within the furnace.


The correct and timely adjustment of the furnace steelwork during the refractory expansion, or contraction, is a very important aspect of every furnace start-up or shutdown as it has a bearing on a furnace’s stability and lifespan.  Dickinson Hotwork Services (Pty) Ltd.’s Refractory Dry out & Heat Up services technicians have successfully completed numerous furnace expansion control projects with different requirements and procedures giving them the flexibility to respond to any challenges.

Furnace Heat Up and Furnace Refractory Dry-Outs

The Hotwork Services are carried out following the highest safety and quality standards, thereby contributing towards improving clients' equipment operational efficiencies as well as the life out of their assets.

DGC AFRICA a leader in Asset Integrity Management and Industrial Solutions


Dickinson Group of Companies (DGC) was founded in 1910. For comprehensive information about our company's History, Vision & Values, Strategy, Global Alliances, Africa Footprint, Our Commitment to Safety, Anti-Corruption Policy, References, and Industrial Solutions, please visit our website.

DGC AFRICA a leader in Asset Integrity Management and Industrial Solutions


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