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The world we live in is changing at an accelerated pace, driven by technological development and globalization.

The speed, depth and scale of the changes to which today’s people are subject continually cast doubt on many things that we believed or knew until now. Companies have become essential instruments for the creating of a global economy and society. They can and must be very powerful catalysts of transformation to a more prosperous, balanced and sustainable world.

As a basic definition, values motivate ethics and morals constrain. With values being principles or standards of behavior; judgments of what is important and ethics referring to well based standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues. We need shared values and ethics, they are vital for the proper functioning of the economic, political and social network and, therefore, for the well-being and development of the potential of every world citizen.

Dickinson Group of Companies fully subscribes to the following notions on 21st century Business Values and Ethics:

  • Businesses have to be responsible; they must respond to the legitimate demands of their environment and make commitments to the societies in which they have a presence. They have two very important motives for doing so: conviction and their own interest: conviction because ethics and positive values must constitute the nucleus of their corporate culture; and interest because companies have to relate with an increasingly better-informed and demanding society and therefore need greater legitimacy to successfully engage in their activities in the medium and long term. We need better regulation, but not more regulation. Francisco González

  • The pursuit of profit is the presupposition for competitiveness. It is the presupposition for the survival of business enterprises and for their social and cultural engagements. Corruption inhibits the public welfare, damaging the economy and the people, because it systematically leads to false allocation and waste of resources. The suppression and abolition of corrupt and dishonest practices, such as bribery, collusion agreements, patent piracy and industrial espionage, demand preventive engagement, which is a duty incumbent on all those active in the economy.



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