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Dickinson Industries (Pty) Ltd’s wear studs and spike studs are used to reduce wear on surfaces that are exposed to abrasion. They are commonly installed in the earth-moving industry, where excessive wear is experienced. The studs’ extreme abrasion resistance ultimately extends the machinery's wear life.

In some areas the stud welded Wear Stud pattern retains mineral debris, establishing a dead bed effect, which further improves the wear resistance factor for the equipment.  Wear Studs, in contrast, to wear plates also offers permanent protection as the studs will not pop off even when buckets or plates buckle. Wear studs are generally stud welded and can be installed on-site with minimum labour and minimal machinery downtime.


Dickinson Industries (Pty) Ltds’ Wear Studs are available in 3 specifications:

  • Standard Range: M16 & M20 diameters; maintain a core hardness after welding of 58-60HRC.

  • Premium Range: M16 diameters; features a tapered top that fits perfectly into the chuck. Fast loading for efficiency maintains a core hardness after welding of 58-60HRC.

  • High-Performance Range: M16 diameters; feature a Tungsten Carbide insert for higher wear resistance. Recommended for use across 10 - 20% of the total surface area for additional durability, these studs maintain a core hardness after welding of 1,200HV.

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