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Rotary kilns and dryers normally play extremely crucial roles in the processes that employ them, hence the need for high levels of the machinery’s reliability can never be overemphasised.

In fact, experience has shown that the majority of problems associated with rotary kilns and dryers can be attributed to misalignment. In the same light; comprehensive hot kiln alignment ensures that rotary vessels are able to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service lifespan, whilst eliminating unforeseen breakdowns.

Dickinson Group performs Hot Kiln Alignment in alliance with Fives FCB, a member of the Fives Group. The company’s hot-kiln alignment services results in the provision of the following:

  • Current rotary kiln alignment status

  • Condition of the tyres and trunnion rollers including tyre chairs and tyre stops

  • Tyre and trunnion roller running face profiles

  • Measurement of roller parameters

  • Trunnion roller inclinations

  • Kiln adjustment programme and schedule

  • Kiln thrust and mechanical balance

  • Mechanical balance of the hydraulic system pressure

  • Drive-mesh inspection

  • Tyre and girth gear wobbling

  • Girth-gear radial run-out

  • Accurate measurement of kiln-shell profile

  • Kiln-shell 3D model

  • Mechanical and temperature crank formation

  • Tyre migration and shell-ovality tests

  • Analysis of loads, pressures and stresses

  • Stiffness matrix

  • Advanced kiln modelling

  • Comprehensive test of kiln mechanical parameters

  • Brick fall prediction model

  • Comprehensive diagnosis integrating prioritized recommendations in a documented report

  • Implementation of the necessary adjustments by our experts

  • Tailor-made technical support depending on your priorities, through a wide range of additional services (drive audit and adjustment, on-site machining for rollers and tyres, replacement or upgrading works)

  • Civil measurements (civil piers supports, mapping of the environment, slope etc.)

  • Mechanical measurements (frames, supports etc.)

  • Thermal measurements

  • Rotating parts audit (theoretical axis of the tyres, real shell axis etc.)

  • First diagnosis and on-site debriefing


The outcomes of Hot and Cold Kiln Alignment audits and measurements include the following:

  • Detailed audit report with 3D presentation of the measures (geometrical, mechanical and thermal analyses)

  • Detailed recommendations with prioritized action plan for maintenance operations

  • The Rotary Kiln adjustment is performed by mechanical experts, according to the audit results

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