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It is not always financially viable for companies to permanently hold on to all the resources needed to fully diagnose, understand and solve all aspects of the challenges linked to their metallurgical processes.

Some process and operational challenges are intermittent, yet severe; thereby urgently calling for unique sets of rare skills and experience. Furthermore, an independent set of professional eyes, may easily pick what the accustomed regular personnel miss and also present an opportunity to benchmark operations with similar processes.

The aforementioned are part of many other reasons that magnify the importance of Metallurgical Advisory Services. Dickinson Group provides a full range of these services for various operations in the mining, metal smelting and mineral processing industries. The services are rendered through a team of metallurgical experts with years of experience in different industries, supported by an elaborate network of the company’s strategic partners around the world.

The company’s approach is tailored to be cost effective and in many cases allow for the identification of solutions without the need for costly consulting firms. The services are customised to identify the areas that are not working efficiently as well as to identify operational bottlenecks and to recommend solutions that optimize plant performance.


The range of Metallurgical Advisory services may be summarised as follows:

  • Plant Audits

  • Specific Metallurgical Solutions

  • Metallurgical Accounting Improvements

  • Smelter Projects

  • Productivity Improvements


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