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Whether for reasons of compromised foundations, age, structural damage, dangerous material content, change of zoning legislations, severe forms of infestation, etc. the demolition of commercial structures may become inevitable at times.

By definition, commercial demolition is the tearing down of buildings and other man-made structures, this is a very complex process that requires careful, detailed planning. Different techniques have been developed and employed in commercial demolition, in choosing the most suitable method, the forefront of considerations is the safety, health and convenience of the public, and those that aim to prevent damage to property as well as the neighboring buildings.

Brook demolition machines consistently rise to the challenge; being modern, remote controlled, advanced and purpose-designed mechanical demolition equipment, capable of meeting the challenges posed by large, demanding demolition projects. In fact, the wide range of machine sizes allows for demolition activities at different scales from confined spaces, as small as 1m3 (the Brokk 5.0 less than 500kg in weight) much larger scales (the Brokk 800 is over 11ton in weight equipped with a 3600 rotating arm with a 10m reach).

This up-to-date technology and methodologies offer significant benefits including the following:

  • Faster, Safer and Efficient

  • Compliance with Government Health & Safety Regulations

  • Utilization of Mechanised Demolition Techniques

  • Onsite Project Management and Site Supervision

  • Trained, Competent and Experienced Operators

  • In-house Maintenance of Machines

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