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Dickinson Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd; a subsidiary of Dickinson Group of Companies is pleased to announce the renewal of its distribution agreement with Taylor Studwelding Systems. The company has been a Taylor Studwelding Systems exclusive authorised distributor throughout the African continent for over 25 years. Offering the complete full range of Taylor Studwelding Systems equipment from hand held, lightweight units to fully automated CNC and Robotic Studwelding Systems.

Dickinson Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd recently started operating as a separate company within the group following the establishment of Dickinson Group of Companies’ Anchors Division in 1983. To complement the distribution of the Taylor Studwelding Systems, the company offers full turnkey solutions for any stud welding requirements. Dickinson Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd also manufactures and distributes an extensive range of refractory anchors, steel fibres, hex mesh, stud-welding equipment, shear connectors, arc and wear studs for standard industrial use, through to specialty applications in the Mining, Metals Smelting, Mineral Processing, Petrochemical Industries.

Taylor Studwelding is an international leader in the design and manufacture of stud welding machines and equipment; with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

The manufacturer is the UK’s sole designer and manufacturer of stud welding equipment and is renowned around the globe for innovative technology, premium quality machines and equipment and industry-leading knowledge. By blending professional experience with extensive resources the manufacturer has built an enviable reputation exporting products worldwide. With over 10,000,000 items – constantly in stock, no order is too complex to fulfil.


Stud welding is a powerful and reliable welding process for applying a single side fastener to a metal component, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys, brass studs and components. The stud welders can work with a range of fasteners including weld studs, pins, nails, and earth tags.


The Taylor Stud Welding systems that Dickinson Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd distributes are generally classified as follows:

  • Drawn Arc (DA) stud welding: ideal for welding onto thicker materials (2mm and above), large diameter studs and materials with imperfections such as curvatures, grease or slight rusting. It’s a fantastic type of weld that is neat, strong and long-lasting.

  • Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud welding: perfect for welding onto thinner materials (less than 2mm) with clean surfaces. It lends itself particularly well to aluminium, brass, mild steel and stainless steel. CD stud welding creates a strong hold without penetrating thin materials.


Stud Welding provides 3 primary advantages:

  • Tremendous time and cost savings through elimination of drilling, punching, threading, gluing, riveting, screwing or finishing.

  • Greater flexibility in design and usage through the studs high strength and ability to be applied on very thin plates and platforms with limited or only one sided access.

  • Unsurpassed economy through high levels of automation, fast weld rates and low price for standard studs.


  • Capacitor Discharge (CD) Equipment

  • Drawn Arc (DA) Equipment

  • CNC Systems

  • Accessories


  • Dickinson Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd provide the following Studwelding Services:

  • Consultation

  • Installation

  • Training


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