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Dickinson Group of Companies’ Copper Smelter Services Division has executed numerous copper smelter projects for different leading global copper mines and smelters around the globe including; South Africa, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Philippines.

Leveraging on the Group’s vast experience, extensive knowledge base and resources to carryout turnkey refractory projects and specialized site wide copper smelter maintenance across the globe in the mining, metal smelting and mineral processing industries.

The division renders a professional service, with dynamic management, experienced supervision, highly skilled and motivated personnel, modern equipment and operations methods, with a high regard for safety, health, environment and quality. The services cover the following key areas:

  • Isasmelt, Ausmelt & Smelting Furnaces

  • Matte Settling Electric Furnaces

  • Six-in-Line / Three-in-line / Two Electrode Furnaces

  • PS Converters / Teniente Converters

  • Flash Furnaces & Slag Cleaning Furnaces

  • Anode Furnaces

  • Mould Twin Casting Wheel

  • Acid plants

The Copper Smelter Services Division has packaged various cost-effective, tailor-made solutions aimed at increasing clients’ productivity and performance while simultaneously reducing their production costs.

The complete range of specialist site-wide copper smelter services, initial construction, operation and maintenance projects include:

  • Turnkey Furnace Rebuild Project Services

  • Project and Construction Management

  • Industrial Vacuum & Silo Cleaning Services

  • Drilling and installation of thermocouples

  • Hot and cold furnace repairs

  • Manufacture of customised precast refractory shapes

  • Demolition of furnaces, removal of refractory linings, and waste management

  • Refractory materials and Industrial Plant Spares management, including selection, procurement, and testing

  • Salamander tapping and controlled furnace decommissioning and cool down

  • Mechanical, structural, steel and piping dismantling, fabrication and erection

  • Quality assurance and control systems

  • Design, manufacture and installation of anchor systems

  • Installation of refractory materials

  • Hot sealing and insulation

  • Drying and curing of refractory linings

  • Furnace start-ups and commissioning

  • Catalyst handling services

  • Acid brick linings

  • Anti-Corrosion Resistant Linings & Coating

  • Corrosion Resistant Composite FRP Solutions

  • Corrosion Protection Services

  • Polymer Concrete Cells


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