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Whether for reasons of preventive, predictive or breakdown maintenance, furnace relines are constantly sought throughout the service lives of furnaces in various industries.

The furnace relines generally involve the removal of the old refractory linings and then eventually the installation of new ones. The questionable integrity of refractory linings at the time of demolition calls for genuine safety concerns throughout the duration of all furnace demolition works.

At Dickinson Group the safety of our employees and contractors is an integral part of our business, with the goal of Zero Harm. The company seeks to create a mind-set where employees believe it is possible to work injury free, regardless of the role they perform or in which business division they work.

As part of the various safety initiatives, the company employs mechanised demolition techniques that reduce the direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions, thereby dramatically improving the safety profile of projects in comparison to the conventional labour-intensive methods otherwise used.

Some of the technologies utilized include the following:

  • Remote controlled demolition equipment

  • High powered crawler excavators & hydraulic breakers

  • Mechanical dismantling & rigging

  • Thermal oxygen lancing

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling

  • Controlled hot blasting


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