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Rotary kilns and dryers are the hub of the pyro processing and material drying systems respectively.

The strategic design, installation, efficient operation and effective maintenance of this critical equipment has a significant impact on the plant throughput, operating costs, equipment reliability, plant availability, energy consumption and overall business profitability. As such, it is imperative that the equipment owners always aim to eliminate unplanned stoppages while maximising reliability, maximising efficiency and minimising power consumption.


In the pursuit of the aforementioned, the consistent and timeous execution of the following rotary kiln services are of the essence:

  • Kiln Shell Section repairs

  • Tyres and Roller Grinding

  • Hot Kiln Alignment

  • Refurbishment of girth gears and pinions

  • Re-centering of girth gear - flange mounted or tangent plate mounted

  • Refractory works

  • Condition monitoring

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