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Refractory armour systems have found a number of applications in process plants; particularly in areas which are subject to the passage of erosive, high temperature gas streams.

The armour systems are used for retaining and armouring the erosion resistant castable refractory lining that protects the vulnerable steel structures from erosion. Armour systems are designed to fully complement the dense hydraulic and chemically bonded refractories in resisting erosion.

Typical applications are found in vessels or sections that are subject to erosion or abrasion including Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines, Reactor Vessels, Windboxes, Fan Casings and Burner Quarls. Dickinson Group’s range of armour systems includes the following:

  • Sheet Armour

  • Hex Metal

  • Flex Metal

Additionally armour systems come with a full range of lining ancillaries for the easy connection and to provide more protection of the mother steel work when plant geometry dictates directional changes in gas flow and refractory termination devices. The lining ancillaries include Adjustable Corner Tabs, Edge Tabs etc.


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