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The integrity and performance of a Cooler Bull Nose is subject to many factors directly and indirectly linked to its design and installation process.

Amongst others, some of these factors include refractory material selection, the mixing process, mixing water minerology, curing process, anchoring, expansion joints, thickness of the bullnose with reference to recommended specifications and pressure on the pressure to resume operations on the personnel doing the installation. As this part of the equipment is subject to increased wear and erosion due to abrasion and severe operating conditions.

Dickinson Group through its continued partnership and close relationship with its Cement clients has been able to design unique, sophisticated and complex designs Pre-cast block designs which are safe and easy to install and saves installation time.

Combining state of the art precast manufacturing facilities with stringent quality-control procedures and years of experience, Dickinson Group continues to develop their capabilities. The precast division utilizes a combination of 3D modelling and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mould making equipment to ensure highly accurate dimensions and tight tolerances.

Big Block Solutions such as the Bull Nose have been introduced to ease the installation and by manufacturing the blocks in a controlled environment provides consistency in the mixing and drying out processes.


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