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Whether you are in the metal smelting, mineral processing, power generation or petrochemical refining industries, in order to achieve and maintain superior levels of plant performance, consulting with the experts of your relevant field is always a worthy investment.

Consultancy services have resulted in optimized plant operational and performance efficiencies for several plants. Depending on a particular plant’s requirements and specifications, the consultant carefully goes through the processes, applying developed and refined methodologies to propose solutions with achievable and measurable performance outcomes.

Generally; depending on the actual scope of a particular plant consultancy audit some of the following may be evaluated:

  • Equipment, unit or plant design capacities

  • Raw material quality characteristics

  • Manpower: availability, skills, experience and blend

  • Availability of technical support

  • Equipment and spares

  • Fuel and energy usage

  • Situational and operational constraints

  • Other process and operational factors

  • Material accounting

Following the plant consultancy audit; the gathered information is analyzed and evaluated to clearly quantify the design and actual heat and mass flows. Eventually comprehensive productivity and power analyses is performed, the anticipated outcomes of plant consultancy may include some the following:

  • Process performance improvement and optimization

  • Overall equipment effectiveness

  • Total effective equipment performance

  • Consistent product quality

  • Sampling Optimization

  • Energy saving opportunities

  • Profitability improvements


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