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The revolutionary concept of precast refractory shapes has been well received in different industries. It involves the design, casting and dry-out of complete sections of refractory blocs off-site, under controlled conditions, in purpose-designed production facilities.

The blocks are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures, ensuring that consistent mixes of the refractory material are casted in highly accurate moulds, dried at suitable temperatures to allow for the formation of a ceramic bond and are properly cured as to achieve enhanced service life.

Precast shapes offer the added benefit of ease of installation and shortened repair times and are characterised by the following:

  • Consistent and controlled manufacturing process.

  • Unique purpose developed materials and shapes for each application.

  • Work done off site resulting in minimum interface with production.

  • Areas of higher wear can be engineered with optimal refractory materials.

  • Easier slag or dross removal due to lower porosity.

  • Less down time due to quicker installation and heat-up times are minimized.

  • Shapes from 1 kg to 9 metric tons, resulting in less joints and faster installation.


Dickinson Group of Companies’ Precast Division specialises in the manufacture of customised refractory precast shapes in the company’s modern production facilities. The company’s range of refractory precast refractory solutions includes the following:

  • Furnace roof-panels;

  • Screw conveyors,

  • Furnace feed-pipes;

  • Blast-furnace combustion stove ceramic burners, elbows, down legs & blowpipes

  • Anode-baking furnace top blocks;

  • Tundishes;

  • Holloware;

  • Burner quarls;

  • Launders, well and seating blocks;

  • Coke-oven roof, regenerator, corbel & flue walls bricks.

  • Cement plants

  • Cooler and bullnose

  • Kiln hood

  • Cyclone roofs

  • Burner pipes

  • Tertiary air duct dampers


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