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Data Analysis: One of the Major Benefits of Digitizing Workflows

Today, more companies are incorporating digital workforces and moving towards online platforms.

Digital workflows enable businesses to manage document-based processes or transactions without paper. Upgrading old “pen and paper” systems and assisting businesses on their paths to the 4th industrial revolution.

Digitizing covers various aspects of the workflows, including digital signatures, email notifications, automatic generation of worklists, and other processes involved in jobs. In the process of digitizing workflows, businesses can also streamline jobs to ensure they are carried out faster and more efficiently as follows:

• Optimise the number of steps needed to complete a task.

• Remove human error with built-in calculations, checks, and controls.

• Improve staff productivity with automated reports generated by the system.

While the above efficiency gains within digital data entry systems can be significant, the real benefits of Digitising Workflows tend to be derived from analyzing stored data (something that is not possible with “pen and paper” processes). Complex analysis operations can be done to identify even correlations that could have been previously undetectable. Furthermore, with digital histories being stored virtually, concerns over the physical storage and the misplacing of data are alleviated.

Dickinson Technologies’ SciViz Studio offers customized workflow management software that meets numerous requirements in the market.


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