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An effective refractory maintenance program is critical to maximise the energy efficiency and durability of any rotary kiln.

In a bid to minimise the duration of planned and unplanned stoppages linked to refractory maintenance, the world market leaders in equipment manufacturing are constantly introducing customised solutions to enhance refractory maintenance activities.

This article briefly describes a circle of refractory maintenance products that can help any manufacturer to significantly reduce any refractory maintenance downtime at various stages of the process. Employing these will ultimately increase the availability of the kiln, increase production, avoid costly unplanned outages and increase productivity of the manufacturing facility.

  • Access

Proper Kiln Access is a critical factor in the smooth execution of refractory installation. A lightweight easy to install access equipment will increase production, safety, and reduce downtime. Kiln access ramps, suspended platforms and bridges may be used.

  • Safety Cages

Safety Inspection Cages and Tunnels are safe guards to workers during inspections & repairs, they create a safe haven in hostile & dangerous kilns and furnaces during outages.

  • Refractory Tear Out

The use of mechanized demolition equipment provides safer, more precise, and quicker refractory tear out.

  • Debris Removal

Debris removal can be done safer & more efficiently when using a Muck-it Bucket.  Its radiused bottom is custom made for round kilns increasing removal time.

  • Alignment

The "Radialign" laser alignment device ensures refractory is installed perpendicular to the axis of the kiln. The use of the Radialign prevents errors from being made due to manual measurement from distorted or worn away weld seams. This in turn means longer refractory life due to less mechanical stress.

  • Material Handling

Material handling equipment is designed to easily transport brick / refractory from the kiln floor to the bricking machine work platform. The equipment speeds up refractory installation by getting refractory to masons quicker, reduces worker fatigue, reduces worker exposure to injuries and avoids the damage of bricks.  

  • Refractory Installation

A brick lining machine may be a means to safe, fast and quality refractory installation.


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