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Whether sulfuric acid is manufactured from elemental sulfur, SO2 regenerate from spent sulfuric acid or from clean sulfurous gases; process operating temperatures, conversion efficiency, energy efficiency, production stability and long life are among the most pertinent characteristics to be considered in the choice of a catalyst.

This article briefly describes an exceptional solution for the aforementioned; a range of high activity catalysts for sulphuric acid production.

World leader in catalyst manufacturing and technology, Haldor Topsoe’s VK range of catalysts is the result of unmatched R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing and an array of services that ensure optimal loading, operation and continued performance. The company enables establishments in the chemicals, oil & gas industries to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources.

The company’s high activity catalysts provide high conversion, high energy efficiency, low-pressure drop, production stability, as well as an exceptionally long life in any sulfuric acid plant. They ensure that users achieve higher production rates, improved heat recovery, fast start-up, optimal energy efficiency and the lowest possible SO2 emissions.

Dickinson Group of Companies is an agent for Haldor Topsoe to promote, sell and strategically warehouse the dominant catalyst manufacturer‘s full range of VK Sulphuric acid catalysts in the region. Dickinson Group also offers complementary Catalyst Unloading, Screening and Reloading technical services to clients.

The Group supplies the following range of performance catalysts for Sulphuric acid production:

  • VK38

  • VK48

  • VK59

  • VK69

  • VK-WD

  • VK-WH

  • VK-WL

  • VK-WSA

  • VK-WSX


The benefits of Haldor Topsoe’s VK range of catalysts include the following:

  • Boost capacity

  • Enhances recoveries and conversion

  • Minimise emissions

  • Reduce scrubber costs

  • Cut energy costs and downtime

  • Operate more flexibly


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