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Furnace endoscopy allows for the real time, remote visualisation of the interior of a furnace during normal operations, enabling the assessment of the state of the refractories inside the unit.

The robust, purpose designed endoscopy devices are capable of operating within the extremely harsh conditions inside furnace. Sensors are designed to have small diameters thereby only requiring small openings (as small as 50mm).

Endoscopy drastically reduces the number of non-scheduled refractory maintenance stoppages as potential problems can be identified and remedied much earlier, as such; endoscopy contributes immensely to maximising equipment throughputs.

The return on investment on endoscopic systems is typically computed considering the different aspects of the operations that are impacted by the system. Typical examples are summarized below:

  • Avoided production loss: Problems are identified earlier and necessary interventions can be scheduled thereby averting unplanned stoppages.

  • Improved yields / productivity: as a direct result of the maximised equipment availability.

  • Reduced energy costs: units can be kept operating within their optimum conditions thereby maximising energy efficiency.

Furnace endoscopy, is a predictive refractory maintenance technique that allows factory owners objectively plan for the following:

  • Preventive actions (continue operating under regular monitoring)

  • Corrective actions (making the most suitable choice for repairs)


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