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Dickinson Group of Companies provides a complete range of integrated engineering solutions for Onsite and In-situ Mechanical Services to the mining, metal smelting and mineral processing industries.

The on-site services bring machine shop capabilities directly to the job site, thereby drastically reducing all costs linked to the disassembly, rigging and transportation of machinery for repairs. The onsite services also reduce the downtime associated with planned and emergency maintenance outages. The services are classified as follows:

  • Rotary Kiln & Rotary Vessels Services

  • Onsite Line Boring

  • Onsite Machining


Rotary Kilns and other Rotary Vessels form the hub of may manufacturing systems including pyro-processing, material drying and particle size reduction systems. The vessels constantly operate under extremely harsh conditions that are characterized by mechanical stress and intense heat, amongst other adversities. DGC’s range of the Rotary Kiln and Rotary Vessel Services are aimed at optimizing and enhancing the reliability of these vessels, the main Onsite Rotary Kiln / Vessel Services are described below.

Onsite Tire & Roller Grinding

Tires and supporting rollers of rotary kilns, dryers and mills have to continuously absorb large forces. Over time, wear problems are bound to occur. Uneven wear on the tire and trunnion surfaces may cause vibration, chattering and reduce efficiency. DGC’s Onsite Grinding Services provides ‘on-line and in-situ’ tyre, roller and thrust roller grinding services, which enable worn or damaged running faces of tyres, rollers, thrust rollers to be machined while the vessel is in operation.

Hot Kiln Alignment

A number of problems associated with rotary kilns can be attributed to misalignment, as such, alignment may be considered as the starting point of rotary kiln mechanical maintenance programs. Comprehensive hot kiln alignment ensures that rotary kilns are able to achieve maximum efficiency and helps in avoiding unforeseen breakdowns. Most of our Hot Kiln Alignment processes are done while the rotary vessel is functioning; without the need to interrupt production processes.


The company’s Onsite Line Boring Services encompass in-line boring or machine bores of large items in stationary plants which cannot be removed from site for repairs. Applications are found in earth moving machines, coupling-hole aligning & line boring as well as other major worn or damaged equipment. A range of portable boring and facing machines are available to cover a wide range of repair or modification projects on-site / in-site for emergency or planned maintenance situations.


Our onsite machining teams have unique machining problem solving abilities including the redesign and manufacture of machinery for particular needs. Our qualified technicians work with close tolerances and provide the necessary precision and surface finishes to meet manufacturer or customer satisfaction. The company’s onsite machining services are summarised below:

  • Onsite Milling

  • Onsite Keyway Cutting

  • Onsite Journal Cutting

  • Onsite Machine Technologies

  • General Engineering & Fabrication


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