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One of the fastest growing materials for heat conservation is high temperature insulation in the form of ceramic fibre blankets, modules, and boards.

These high temperature insulation materials provide energy savings, operational flexibilities, and thermal shock resistance when utilised in tunnel kilns, heating, annealing and petrochemical process furnaces.

Dickinson’s Anchor Division offers several systems suitable for anchoring ceramic fibre linings over a range of operating temperatures:

  • Press On Clip Systems - the threaded studs allow for combinations with anchors from various series. With the possibility of a hand weld, Rapid Arc Weld and threaded version; these anchors suit any refractory fibre lining.

  • Threaded Studs - the division provides a variety of threaded refractory anchors and studs.

  • Washers - provision of a variety of washers, plates and clips for refractory anchors and general applications.

  • Wide range of Ceramic Fibre Fixings including Fibre-lock Pin, Lock Washer and Spring Clip Washer.


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