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Brokk demolition machines are popular workhorses in mechanized demolition works of furnaces, construction and the heavy industry.

Like any equipment, they are not totally immune to operational and maintenance challenges. The machines operate in the most hostile environments and consistently take punishment on site. In order to ensure the continuous, effective, efficient and cost effective operation of these remote controlled demolition machines, it is imperative that each machine be proactively monitored, maintained and repaired by adequately experienced and professional personnel.

This article serves as a brief overview of important points which were developed over years of this practice with the goal of ensuring effective maintenance of the machines.

  • All the work performed on the Brokk machines has to be documented on inspections, followed by job cards which are issued to control human resources, spares and equipment.

  • Spares ought to be issued against job cards and records should be kept on all spares used on every machine, hammer, equipment box down to the bolt and nut.

  • Condition monitoring is also conducted to determine lifespans on the machines and with this information determine replacement intervals that will eliminate breakdowns.


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