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Wear studs are used in the earth moving industry where excessive wear is experienced on steel parts.

The principal benefit of using Wear Studs is the extreme abrasion resistance which ultimately extends the machinery's wear life. Wear Studs reduce wear on the surfaces which are exposed to abrasion by forming a barrier between the machinery and the material being moved. This is achieved by applying high-chromium and high-carbon abrasion resistant studs to machinery in close formation. Wear Studs are ideally suited for use on ground engaging equipment across many applications including the underground mines, open pit mines, quarries, maintenance shops, steelworks and ore preparation plants.  

In some areas the applied stud welded Wear Stud pattern retains the mineral debris establishing a dead bed effect, which further improves the wear resistance factor for the equipment.  Wear Studs, in contrast to wear plates also offer permanent protection as the studs will not pop off even when buckets or plates buckle.

Wear studs are generally stud welded; this is a method of applying a single side fastening to a metal component. Compared to conventional welding, this method of applying Wear Studs is both quicker and more precise. The easy to handle stud welding gun offers reduced heat thereby reducing the risk of warping. Furthermore, wear studs can be installed on-site thereby drastically reducing labour costs and machinery down-time.


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