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Anchor systems are widely used for various types of monolithic, ceramic fibre and brick refractory linings.

The manufacture of anchor systems was traditionally performed through labour intensive and time-consuming methods that employed hammering, eccentric and hydraulic presses. Nonetheless in a bid to enhance productivity, reduce downtime and conserve energy there has been a growing focus in plant automation.

The Robomac CNC wire forming machine with an automatic decoiler stands out as an appropriate technological solution. The machine manufactures various programmable shapes of short and medium anchors using wires of 4 to 12 mm diameter. Employing this machine reduces production time by up to 70%, for example a run that previously took two days to manufacture now only takes 12 hours, depending on the actual anchor type.

The completely automated work cell takes wire from coil, forms it according to the tooling and systematically arranges the finished parts. In all instances, the wire can be fed directly from a coil, straightened, bent and cut using a software package that provides flexibility and simplicity in programming and is offered in all ‘universal languages.

The video below shows the machine in operation.


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