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DGC AFRICA has been extensively involved in a number of mechanical construction and shutdown projects for industrial furnaces within the mining, metal smelting, mineral processing, and heavy industrial sectors. 

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The company also benefits from DGC’s extensive experience in the furnace industry; spanning over 90 years of taking part in numerous successful Greenfield and Brownfield furnace projects around the globe.


Our furnace mechanical projects may be offered in combination with other services within the group, often with furnace demolition services, offering clients the benefit of turnkey solutions with highly effective interactive synergies and the benefits of having a single contractor responsible for project execution. 

DGC AFRICA ensures adequate planning, strict supervision, and meticulous continuous monitoring of critical tasks throughout the duration of Furnace Mechanical Projects.


The company’s routine services include:

  • Aligning furnace support structures: ensuring they comply with design integrity.

  • Installation of grillage or bottom crucible: ensuring that sections are level & adequately packed to avoid warping during operations within allowable tolerances.

  • Installation of furnace upper crucibles and copper cooling blocks: ensuring that these are installed with accurate orientations, placement elevations are intolerance, diameters are within specification, continuous shell alignment, inspections & joint analysis during construction.

  • Performing mechanical upgrades or structural modifications to updated designs according to client requirements.



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