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DGC AFRICA, in collaboration with LogiProc, provides turnkey engineering, design, and construction solutions to the mining, metals smelting, and mineral processing industries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.






LogiProc's expertise in project initiation and development sets the foundation for successful engineering solutions. We collaborate with our clients from the conceptual stage through to pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility stages and up to implementation.


Our team of professionals offers a range of engineering services, including:

  • Conceptual/scoping studies

  • Desktop feasibility costings

  • Pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies

  • Classed costing studies

  • Study management

  • Test work scoping and management

  • Conceptual flow sheet, mass balance, and plant layouts

  • CapEx and OpEx estimating

  • Due diligence

  • Support for the financing process

Our flexibility and unconventional thinking enable us to find solutions where others may see a dead end. Whether leading the study or operating as part of the client's team, we are comfortable and capable of delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions.



LogiProc's Conceptual/Scoping Studies involve a collaborative approach with clients from the initial stages of project development. Our team of experts carries out a detailed evaluation of the project, taking into consideration site selection, mineral or resource identification, project objectives, and key performance indicators. We analyse the technical and financial feasibility of the project and assess any potential environmental, regulatory, or social impact that may arise.


Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the project's potential outcomes, identify potential risks, and propose mitigation measures to ensure the project's success. The results of the Conceptual/Scoping Studies provide the foundation for Pre-feasibility and Bankable Feasibility Studies, which we offer as part of our comprehensive engineering services.




In addition to providing Conceptual/Scoping Studies, LogiProc also offers pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies to assess the technical, economic, and financial viability of projects. During the pre-feasibility stage, the team examines the technical aspects of the proposed project, such as the site location, infrastructure requirements, and potential environmental impact. The bankable feasibility study goes further and provides a detailed financial analysis, including capital and operating costs, financing requirements, and projected return on investment.


These studies are critical for investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions about a project's viability and potential for success. By conducting these comprehensive evaluations, LogiProc provides clients with the necessary information to determine the best options available and decide whether or not to proceed with the project.




LogiProc provides multidisciplinary engineering and design services covering all aspects of project design, including process, mechanical, piping, civil, structural, instrument, electrical, and control engineering, using the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling software. Detail Engineering & Design Packages involve developing detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and other documentation necessary for the construction and commissioning of a project.


LogiProc's multi-disciplinary team of engineers and designers use the output from the previous stages to develop the detailed design package, which includes detailed specifications for all equipment and components required for the project, and detailed drawings for all systems. LogiProc's designs are completed in 3D, minimizing site changes during construction, and its document control system ensures that all documentation is managed and controlled efficiently.



LogiProc provides project and construction management services that encompass planning, scheduling, and cost control to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the desired quality standards. Our team works closely with clients to establish project objectives, manage project schedules, budgets, and resources while coordinating multiple teams of experts across different disciplines.


Our Project Manager oversees the overall direction, coordination, and execution of the project, and is responsible for managing project risks and quality control. We use proven methodologies and tools, such as Gantt charts and resource allocation, to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Our Construction Management team is responsible for managing all aspects of the construction process, including site preparation, material procurement, and construction supervision, to ensure projects are completed safely, efficiently, and effectively.



LogiProc provides plant operation services to clients, ensuring the best possible recovery and throughput from installed equipment while prioritizing safety, health, environmental, and quality responsibilities. Their team of engineers and operators ensures that plants are managed intelligently and effectively.


LogiProc provides flexible operating and maintenance solutions tailored to each specific project, accommodating brownfields project challenges. Their operating team ensures the best possible performance from the plant while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, providing ongoing support for plant maintenance, process optimization, and efficiency improvement. With LogiProc's plant operation services, clients can rest be assured that their plants are running at optimal performance, maximizing productivity and profitability.


In addition to these engineering services, LogiProc also provides consulting and technical advice to clients. The team can assist with test work scoping and management, conceptual flow sheet, mass balance, and plant layouts, CapEx and OpEx estimating, due diligence, and support for the financing process.

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