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DGC AFRICA’s comprehensive range of industrial linings includes international leaders and Kalenborn International’s wear protection solutions. Kalenborn established 100 years ago, provides protection for the environment and heavy industries with wear-resistant linings which have excellent abrasion and impact resistance. 


DGC AFRICA has more than 90 years of experience in providing asset integrity management and industrial solutions to the mining, metals smelting, and mineral processing industries throughout the world. The company has adopted a differentiation strategy to open up new market space, to enhance our company’s competitive advantage by – creating uncontested market space, creating and capturing new demand, breaking the value-cost trade-off, and aligning the whole system of the firm’s activities in pursuit of differentiation. 


DGC AFRICA’s comprehensive range of industrial linings includes international leaders, Kalenborn International’s wear protection solutions. Kalenborn established 100 years ago, provides protection for the environmental and heavy industries with wear-resistant linings which have excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Kalenborn has a global network of subsidiaries around the world - Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland, Hungry, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and exclusive representation throughout sub-Saharan Africa by DGC AFRICA.


The company provides custom design, manufacture, delivery, and installation of its materials to meet customers’ specific abrasion, impact and corrosion problems. This applies in particular to industrial plants handling raw material processing as well as, transport, storage including the processing of ores, sand, slag, coal, or recycled materials.


Kalenborn has a rich tradition characterized by competence and experience as well as durable, quality products. Our wear protection solutions protect industrial plants and equipment reliably against wear due to abrasion and impact. In steelworks and cement plants, in coal-fired power plants and recycling plants, in mining, and in environmental technology, our solutions keep production operations running.

We rely on a high-quality range of mineral, ceramic and metallic materials as well as compounds and plastics. That variety enables us to create lining systems that are perfectly matched to each specific application. Working closely together with our customers is particularly important to us. In close collaboration, we develop concepts for sustainable solutions and then realize them – both in our own works and on-site at the facilities of the customer.



From the development of our materials to the lining of pipes, plants, and equipment, we offer a complete range of products and services, all from a single source. In so doing, the quality and durability of our products stand above all else. As experts, we begin with the production of our materials. We know the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. That comprehensive expertise enables us to ensure the quality characteristics of our products at all times.



In the early 1920s, Kalenborn’s fused cast basalt works successfully produced a wear-resistant material made of basalt for the first time ever – a material now known the world over under the brand name ABRESIST. Today modern furnaces, in which the rock is smelted at 1,250 °C, are the heart of the production operations. The liquid basalt is cast in moulds and subsequently, heat treated in a special process in order to give the material its crystalline structure. That makes the rock especially hard and strong. Along with very good protection against wear, ABRESIST also provides an anti-friction surface.

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csm_Keramisch_b7caf02aed copy.jpg



Is a high-alumina ceramic compressed in a mould and fired at high temperatures. It is suitable for applications subject to extreme wear and temperatures of up to 1,000°C. KALCOR zirconium corundum is particularly well-suited for use in castings. In the form of plates, mosaics, moulded parts, and hollow cylinders, our ceramic materials are installed in a wide range of plant components such as pipelines, cyclones, sifters, and chutes. This ensures the reliable production of energy, raw materials, and other important products we all use in our everyday life.



For especially harsh operating conditions, we have developed special hard-casting alloys – such as KALCAST, for example. Alloy components such as chromium and carbon ensure especially high hardness and abrasion resistance, whilst manganese provides impact strength. In our foundry, we produce cylinders, pipe bends, and moulded parts weighing from 30 to 3,000 kg. Our KALMETALL material, from which we manufacture components that can weigh as much as several tons, consists of steel plates armoured with special hard metal alloys. It exceeds the service life of common steel several times over.




Our hard compounds combine excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. KALCRET has especially wear-resistant hard materials such as bauxite or corundum permanently embedded in it. Its special advantage lies in its versatility. Our employees apply the material with a trowel or spray it on to create an extremely wide variety of precise components. KALPOXY is an epoxy resin-bonded compound, which can be used quickly and effectively in the seamless lining of plant and equipment components and for repairs. The material can be used in chemically aggressive environments.



Plates made from thermoplastic form the basis of our material KALEN. They offer corrosion-free, anti-friction wear protection in bunkers, silos, chutes, and troughs. With its especially low weight and operating temperature of up to 80°C, KALEN has proven effective all over the world for decades. It is installed on concrete or steel by means of a mounting system, which we developed specifically for this purpose. KALEA is a high-performance thermoset and is applied extremely rapidly in a thin, seamless layer by means of Kalenborn spray technology. The material features outstanding wear resistance under very high impact loading and an operating temperature of up to 120°C.


We produce our wear-resistant materials in our own plants and ensure their quality through material testing in our laboratories in order to find just the right solution for each customer's requirement. One of the prerequisites for effective wear protection is also a professional installation, which our employees carry out with special adhesives and fasteners.

ABRESIST fused cast basalt reliably prevents abrasive wear in plant components such as scale flumes, marl hoppers, fly ash pipelines in coal-fired power plants, and coke bunkers in the iron and steel industry. The cast ceramic material KALCOR has proven effective for lining plant components that are subject not only to extremely harsh abrasion but also to high temperatures, for example in chutes for hot sinter or clinker, in asphalt mixers and hot gas pipelines. KALOCER high-alumina ceramics are available in thin, smooth moulded elements and are particularly well-suited for lining conveyor belt transfer points, concrete mixers, or cyclones in the food industry.

For the high-impact wear typically found in components such as bunker inlets, spiral chutes, and crushers, we recommend metallic materials such as armoured plates made of KALMETALL and KALCAST hard casting. The hard compound KALCRET combines easy handling with excellent wear protection properties under high-temperature loading. To line large surfaces – such as those of separators on a cement mill or of blast furnace dust catchers in an integrated steel mill – the material can be applied without joints using a trowel or sprayed on. Within 48 hours, the plant is ready for operation again.

Very different requirements arise under operating conditions that demand especially good anti-friction properties, e.g., in silos and bunkers. Such applications use not only KALEN, as a thermoplastic material with ideal anti-friction properties, but also the mineral material KALCERAM. They prevent the material which is being conveyed from building up, thereby ensuring uninterrupted material flow. For rapidly applying a thin, jointless coating to large surfaces or pipes, Kalenborn offers KALEA, a sprayable material with its own application technology.


Wear-proof fused cast basalt for protection against frictional wear


Zirconium corundum wear protection resistant to high temperatures and frictional wear


Ceramic wear protection for plant components subject to extreme wear and temperature stresses


Silicon carbide wear-proof material outstanding against frictional wear in hot conditions


Highly resistant against frictional wear with a low-friction surface which helps items to slide


Compound for the lining of plant components and for repairs, applied by trowel


Sprayable Polyurea-based wear protection for pipes and plant components


Hard-material-rubber composite for heavy impact and wear loadings


Very hard and wear-resistant chilled iron wear protection for mass-produced components


Welded hard surfacing for high resistance to impacts and wear


Technical plastic for corrosion-free wear protection which promotes sliding


Wear protection monitoring

Pipes, elbows, or pipe fittings are lined with materials to make them wear-resistant. Hydraulic and pneumatic pipe systems often have to withstand extremely harsh conditions. Conveying abrasive materials such as ash, sand, or sinter dust pipelines to acute levels of stress. The right wear protection ensures the continuity of the production process.

To protect pipelines against wear, we have developed a standard that uses strong linings to extend the service life of the stressed components. The smooth surfaces of the materials promote good flow characteristics. This reduces pressure losses and lowers energy costs. In pneumatic pipelines, lining the most heavily stressed points, such as elbows, branches, or transitions, is often enough to achieve the required protection.

Moreover, we offer an intelligent system for monitoring wear protection. It reports the end of the material’s service life in advance and warns the operator early about the impending failure of a pipeline. That prevents environmental pollution and hazardous operating conditions.


The standard range includes ABRESIST, KALOCER, and KALCOR pipes and pipe bends.


ABRESIST fused cast basalt has proven extremely effective as a protective lining in straight pipe elements and in pipe bends.


Zirconium corundum: Wear-proof KALCOR pipe systems are extremely abrasion-resistant, withstand service temperatures up to +400 °C, and also provide good resistance to temperature changes.


Welded hard surfaces: Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying operations and dust removal subject pipe and channel elements to heavy wear.


Optimal wear protection lining for pipes or bends can also consist of a combination of different materials.


KALBEND is a wear-resistant and replacement pipe bend. 


Tubing systems: KALFLEX is flexible piping that can be easily installed with standard flanges.


Associated pipe fittings in an extremely wide range of geometries: From elbows to tees, wyes and cross pieces, all the way to U-bends.


Flanges & couplings: Wear-resistant pipes are joined together and/or with normal steel pipe by means of fixed or loose flanges, depending on requirements.


Wear protection monitoring: Electrical, Mechanical & Visual Systems.


  • Building Products – Shingles, Fiberglass, Cement Board, Siding, and more

  • Cement

  • Ceramics

  • Chemical & Chemical Processing

  • Coal-Fired Power Plants

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Copper

  • Aluminum Smelting

  • Feed, Grain & Milling

  • Fertilizer & Agricultural Chemicals

  • Food (FDA) Processing

  • Foundries

  • Glass


  • Above and Below Water Repair

  • Abrasion Resistant Pipe/Elbows/Linings

  • Air Receiver Tanks

  • Air Separators

  • Ash Hopper

  • Bark Transferer (Elbows/Cyclones)

  • Burner Nozzles

  • Classifiers – Cones

  • Concrete Pillar Rebuild & Restoration

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Cooling Towers

  • Cyclones

  • Dust Collection

  • Exhauster

  • Fans

  • Fan Linings

  • Fiberglass Repair

  • Filter Slurry Tanks

  • Flume Lining

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Holding Tanks

  • Launders

  • Pipe/Gas & Slurry Pipeline Repairs

  • Pulp Tanks

  • Pulverizers

  • Pump Repair

  • Raw Mill Linings

  • Scrubbing

  • Secondary Containment

  • Storage Tanks

  • Structural Steel

  • Surge Bins

  • Tank Repair

  • Thickener Tanks

  • Transfer Chute

  • Transfer Point/Hoppers

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