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DGC AFRICA offers comprehensive installation and conveyor maintenance services to all our customers. An integral part of our conveyor belt maintenance service is carrying out inspections and making recommendations for preventative maintenance measures that help minimize the risk of breakdowns.

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We offer conveyer belt service packages to ensure that you optimize the working time of your conveyors so that your production can run non-stop if necessary. In this way, we can help you to achieve the best possible operational lifetime out of your conveyor belts.



As part of the conveyor belt maintenance service, we will carry out inspections and make recommendations for preventative maintenance to help minimize the risk of further breakdowns.


To ensure continuous monitoring of your belt and on-spot damage detection, we can provide you with belt diagnostics systems. Thanks to this new technology, the system will detect a problem before it becomes serious. In this way, a small timely repair can help to avoid a much bigger repair or even the loss of an entire conveyor belt and all of the costs associated with a major stoppage.


DGC AFRICA provides conveyor belt splicing services. Conveyor belt splicing is a cost-effective solution for all mining sectors, aiming to keep conveyors running smoothly. Our conveyor belt splicing process accelerates the mining industry with a solution for breakdowns of conveyor belts, as well as repairs. Our aim is to provide you with a stable belt splicing, making it ideal for moving various materials across the conveyor. Furthermore, we do quality control checks on all essential components.


Conveyor belt splicing is the process of joining two pieces of a conveyor belt. Usually, this is done to either elongate the original conveyor belt or to repair a torn or damaged one. Conveyor systems are employed in various industries, meaning that there are many types of conveyor belts and components.


To properly splice a belt, we ensure that the type of belt, speed of conveyor belt system, materials traveling on the belt, and conveyor belt environment are considered. If a splice is not done properly, the integrity of the belt, and the entire conveyor system are compromised.


Conveyor belt repairs can take operations offline for a substantial period. DGC AFRICA utilizes hot and cold splicing methods to repair a conveyor belt to a high-quality standard and also ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible with the best solution.


Cold splicing can be used for most conveyor belt applications and can be a good solution for low tension operations that do not convey hot materials. Cold splicing uses a bonding agent that causes a chemical reaction which ensures that cross-connections between different monomer chains are created to splice the two ends of the belt together.


Hot splicing uses extreme heat and pressure to bond the ends together. Once the materials have cooled down, the joint will be a smooth, seamless, and long-lasting splice. We can do this process both on and off-site by using a mobile vulcanizing press. In short, we will make every effort to make your splice joints as strong and as durable as possible.


Hot and cold splicing of belts requires meticulous preparation to prevent contamination of the splicing area. Cold splicing requires relatively warm conditions and low moisture to ensure the cold vulcanizing cements work optimally.


Quality Compounds - We make use of only the highest quality compounds used for splicing. Additionally, we offer optional heat resistance, fire resistance for belting, oil resistance, and graded covers.


Standards - Every job is thoroughly inspected before and after splicing takes place. Our skilled team of technicians provides the best turn-key solutions, moving you forward with the best quality solution. Each platen is checked for stability and temperature. Thermostat checks are done as an additional safety measure, along with calibration on hydraulic pump gauges.


DGC AFRICA supplies the complete range of conveyor parts including:

  • Conveyor Belting

  • Conveyor Belt Pulleys

  • Conveyor Belt Idlers

  • Conveyor Gearboxes

  • Conveyor Belt Scrapers

  • Conveyor Belt Fasteners


DGC AFRICA supply new Conveyor Belting that meets the highest international standards. Our conveyor belts are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial operations with our belting range including – N and M covers, heat resistant belts to 250 deg. C., flame retardant and high abrasive covers. We also supply specialized cover compounds i.e., acid, oil, and resins, as all as steel cord, PVC conveyors, Aramid fiber belting, as well as profiled and specialized belting.


DGC AFRICA supplies high-quality conveyor pulleys which include, Tail Pulleys, Snub pulleys, Single and Dual drive pulleys, Head pulleys, Spiral pulleys, Grease filled pulleys, Oil-filled pulleys, T top pulleys, and Bar or Slatted pulleys.  Our pulleys are manufactured in accordance with the SANS 1669 standards.


Our company also specializes in the repair and refurbishing of conveyor pulleys. Worn or damaged conveyor pulleys can be collected from the mine, thoroughly inspected by our engineers, and repairs quoted on accordingly.  We do find that having conveyor pulleys repaired, as opposed to ordering new pulleys, could lower costs as much as 50%, and drastically reduce the turnaround time. Our customers can specify if you would like to have the pulley fitted with rubber lagging or ceramic lagging, as is fit for purpose, inclusive of choosing a bearing brand to be fitted, which is conducive to the relevant application.  All conveyor pulleys that are repaired come with a one-year manufacturing default warranty as a service standard.


DGC AFRICA supplies a wide range of Conveyor Belt Idlers as well as idler rolls, frames, stools, and stringers (H frames), in accordance with the SANS 1313 specifications. A unique component is our nylon-bearing housing. The benefits of the Nylon bearing housing would be the reduction in roller weight, a reduction in operating noise levels, non-corrosive, lower operating temperatures, reduction in bearing friction, ultra-strong and durable but besides all these unique qualities, the best feature would have to be the fact that the Nylon bearing housing has a stone guard, which makes our rollers anti seas in high spillage areas.  Our Nylon bearing housing is in two parts, there is an inner part that is hydraulically pressed into the SANS steel pipe, then an outer portion with a triple lip dust seal fits over the inner and onto the rollers shaft. When the roller spins, the outer part of the bearing housing remains stationary, thus making it impossible for the roller to cease with material jamming in between the roller and frame.


Our Conveyor Belt Idlers are manufactured in accordance with SANS 25 and 30 series rollers, in 127mm diameter, 152mm diameter as well as 101mm diameter and including any special client requests for non-standard rollers. All our rollers are manufactured using a SANS-approved steel pipe, the bearings used are high-quality 6205 which are sealed and greased for life with a C3 clearance.  All steel rollers are coated with Red Oxide paint, to minimize corrosion.

Idler rollers manufacture:

  • Troughing rollers (Steel & HDPE)

  • Return rollers (Steel & HDPE)

  • Rubber disc impact rollers

  • Spool return rollers

  • Guide rollers


Our Idler frames are manufactured using only the best materials for the application and first-class welding is imperative. We manufacture a wide variety of Idler frames in accordance with the SANS 1313 specifications, including all belt sizes and angles of degreasing troughing frames.

Conveyor Roller lo res.jpg

Frames manufactured:

  • 3 Roll offset Troughing frames in 20deg and 35deg, available in standard angle iron or tube design (Belt friendly)

  • 5 Roll offset Troughing frames in 20deg and 35deg, available in standard angle iron or tube design (Belt friendly)

  • 2 Roll V-Return frames in 5deg and 10deg, in tube design (Belt friendly)

  • 1 Roll flat return brackets in 40mm and 90mm drop lengths.

  • 3 Roll offset Impact Idler frame in 20deg and 35deg, available in standard angle iron or tube design (Belt friendly)

  • 5 Roll offset Impact Idler frame in 20deg and 35deg, available in standard angle iron or tube design (Belt friendly)


We manufacture Conveyor Gearboxes, & repair Gearboxes. Bevel Helical speed reducers & more. Request a Quote today.


Our capabilities stretch beyond the every day repairs and manufacturing of conveyor speed reducers. We offer a range of bevel helical reducers from 22kw to 315kw. All reducers are designed and manufactured in-house and are available with the lantern housing or base plate type arrangement, along with a fluid drive and electric motor of your choice.


Our conveyor speed reducers consist of a monoblock type fabricated steel housing with the facility to change the handling without dismantling the complete unit. All gears and pinions are manufactured from 17chnimo6 material and to the AGMA standard specification. We specialize in change-over modifications from hollow shaft mounted arrangements to the bikon rigid coupling assembly. The rigid coupling assures a faster and more efficient unit exchange where either the conveyor gearbox or conveyor pulley has failed, strategically reducing down-time and product losses.


Drive units sent to DGC AFRICA for repair will be completely stripped down; all the parts are then carefully inspected to determine the reason for possible failure. A detailed quote will follow stipulating the necessary parts needed for the repair as well as the pricing, delivery, and warranty periods. Our repairs cover many manufacturers. Ie. Fenner, SEW, Flender, David Brown, Weserhutte Mixtec, Bauer, Hansen and Renold Croft.


We pride ourselves on being a trusted brand in the mining and quarrying industry. Choosing the right mechanical belt fastening system is one of the most critical steps in splicing a belt. Our fasteners are a combination of strength and durability with fast, easy installation for quality and long-term splicing options.


Our focus as a business is to maximize your belt conveyor productivity. We are focused on becoming your number one resource for products and services that maximize your belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety.

Conveyor Fasteners & Accessories continue to grow and we are geared to meet operational challenges with fresh ideas and world-class innovation. While adapting to the ever-evolving market climates, our experience is the foundation for new conveyor systems solutions, advanced material science, engineering strategies that optimize operations, and predictive conveyor maintenance.

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